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Types of Tai Chi Chuan

¿Qué es exactamente el Tai Chi?

Tai chi and its health benefits

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Tai Chi for balance

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese practice which originated as a self-defence technique; later on, practitioners recognised its stress-busting and many other health benefits. Tai Chi is practised in the modern world by all age groups. Its low impact and graceful movements make it a safe form of exercise for seniors, the medically challenged and pregnant women. I have been practising Tai Chi for more than a decade and have seen great improvement in my concentration, strength, agility and flexibility. It has helped in keeping me calm in stressful situations.

Meditation in Motion: Tai Chi is an abbreviation of Tai Chi Chuan which means “ultimate fast fist”. Slow and graceful movements are performed in continuity without pause. Such practice requires a great deal of concentration and coordination between mind and body, which is the reason why Tai Chi is often referred to as “Meditation in Motion”. Tai Chi movements are performed with an artistic grace and complete concentration; the transition from one movement to another is done in a flow without stopping. Simultaneously, diaphragmatic breathing (deep breathing from stomach) along with screaming (not shouting) helps in the movements as well.

Practice Tai Chi for a healthy lifestyle:
Tai Chi is recommended for every age group. However, practice under supervision is necessary to learn the right technique. Tai Chi is a holistic approach in maintaining overall health.
Health benefits of Tai Chi
Regular practice enhances flexibility and functional ability of the body.
Improves muscular strength, endurance, strength of connective tissues and ligaments
Improves your posture and body balance.
Regulates your hormonal system. It may result in slow ageing.
Improves your breathing process and cardio strength.
Reduces tension through the development of inner energy and calmness of mind.
Improves sense of humour.

Source: The Hindu

Tai Chi Chuan: 5 Benefícios (Español-Português)

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Tai Chi 42 Step form – english and chinese names (video)

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Tai Chi: Moving For Better Balance

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História do estlio Sun

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What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

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Tai Chi - Spear

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Tai Chi 32 steps Sword Form

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Tai Chi – Técnicas de Palma 1

As técnicas de Palma são uma sub categoria das técncas de mão, comprendem aproximadamente 9 técnicas. Aqui mostro as 5 técnicas de Palma Erguida.

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