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Chen Style (36 Forms) Chinese and English posture names

Di Yiduan 

First Section
1.qishi Opening Form
2.youjingang daodui Golden Guard Stamping Foot-Right Style
3.lanzayi Leisurely Tying Coat
4.baihe liangchi White Crane Flashing Wings
5.xiexing aobu Step Diagonally Forward and Twist Step
6.tishou Lift Knee and Withdraw Hands 7.qiantang Forward Block
8.yanshou gongchui Cover with Hands and Punch with Fist
9.shuan tuishou Double Push Hands
10.zhoudichui Punch Underneath Elbow

Di Erduan 
Second Section
11.daojuangong Step back and whirl arms on both sides
12.tuibu yazhou Step Back and Press Elbow
13.yema fengzong Left and Right Parting Wild Horse’s Mane
14.zuo jinji duli Left and Right Golden Cock Standing on One Leg lufengsibi Six Blocking and Four Closing-Right Style
16.zuo danbian Single Whip-Left Style

Di Sanduan Third Section
Waving Hands like Clouds
High Pat on Horse
19.zuoyou cajiao
Left and Right Patting Foot
20.deng yigen
Kicking with One Leg
Fists Draping Over Body
22.beizhe kao
Back Twist with Shoulder and Elbow Punch
23.qinglong chushui
Green Dragon Over Body
24.baiyuan xianguo
White Gorilla Offering Fruit
25.liufeng sibi
Six Blocking and Four Closing-Left Style danbian
Single Whip-Right Style
Di Siduan
Fourth Section
27.shuang zhenjiao
Double Stamping Feet
28.yunu chuansuo
Fair Lady Working at the Shuttles
Beast’s Head Pose
Dragon on the Ground
31.shangbu qixing
Step Forward Seven Stars
32.tuibu kuahu
Step Backward Riding Tiger
33.zhuanshen bailian
Turn Back, Lotus Kick
34.dang toupao
Forward Cannon Punch
35.zuo jinggang daodui
Golden Guard Stamping Foot-Left Style
Closing Form

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Tai Chi – Técnicas de Palma 1

As técnicas de Palma são uma sub categoria das técncas de mão, comprendem aproximadamente 9 técnicas. Aqui mostro as 5 técnicas de Palma Erguida.

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Tai Chi 24 steps Form

The Tai Chi 24 steps Form or Beijing Style, is Tai Chi form composed of 24 movements. The form was the result of an effort by the Chinese Sports Committee, which, in 1956, brought together four Taiji teachers – Chu Guiting, Cai Longyun, Fu Zhongwen, and Zhang Yu – to create a simplified form of Taiji as exercise for the masses.

The creators truncated the traditional family style Taiji forms to 24 postures; taking about six minutes to perform and to give the beginner an introduction to the essential elements of Taijiquan, yet retain the traditional flavor of traditional longer hand forms (in general, 88-108 postures). Henceforth, this form was avidly promoted by the People’s Republic of China for general exercise, and was also taught to internees in Communist “re-education” camps. Due to this official promotion, the 24-form is most likely the Taiji form with the most practitioners in China and the world over (though no surveys have been performed).

Tai Chi 16 steps Form

Tai Chi 8 steps Form

Tai Chi Sun Style 73 Form

Tai Chi Sun Style 14 Form