segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2018

Tai Chi - Spear

A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a pointed head. The head may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself, as is the case with fire hardened spears, or it may be made of a more durable material fastened to the shaft, such as flint, obsidian, iron, steel or bronze. The most common design for hunting or combat spears since ancient times has incorporated a metal spearhead shaped like a triangle, lozenge, or leaf. The heads of fishing spears usually feature barbs or serrated edges. In Tai Chi, the spear is present in different styles and shapes. Perhaps one of the most popular is the shape 16, which is also known as Simplified Sequence of Spear, created in 2000, along with the forms 8 and 16 of fist, belonging to the Beijing Style. Beijing Style - Spear 16 steps form Chen Style by Master Jesse Tsao

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